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Denture Repair Services in Calgary

Cracked or Chipped Dentures? Trust Us with Denture Repair in Calgary

Do your dentures slip out of place? Have you noticed any breaks or chips in your replacement teeth? If so, you may be overdue for a reline.

At Boviz Denture Clinic, we can reline and repair your dentures so they fit smoother than before.

Reline Your Dentures for a More Comfortable Fit

Most dentists and denturists agree that you should reline your dentures at least every two years. This is because your gum tissue shrinks and changes after tooth loss, bone loss, disease, weight loss, and general aging. Relines accommodate these changes and ensure your dentures look and feel like new.

When you come to us for denture repair in Calgary, you can expect us to take the following steps:

  1. We'll examine your mouth for changes and take impressions of your dentures. This helps us identify any areas that may need repairs or adjustments.
  2. Next we'll add new materials in the areas where you mouth changed. Often times we can complete repairs within one day, and you can wait in our office while we do so.
  3. Last, we'll clean and polish your dentures so they look like new.

If necessary, we'll give you additional guidance on how to prevent future problems with your dentures. And we'll send you a recall letter reminding you of your next appointment for repairs and adjustments.

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Regular examinations enable us to detect any changes in your mouth and quickly treat any developing problems with your dentures. We can also look out for any conditions you may already have, such as TMJ dysfunction, so you can rest assured that your teeth and mouth function at their best.

To schedule an appointment for denture repair in Calgary, call 403-640-4722 or email us.

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